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Today, May 4, we are entering “phase 2” to restart from the lock down decided by the Government to face the covid-19 emergency.
The restart of commercial activities, services and industries is scheduled.
Attention is focused on the AUTOMOTIVE sector which, in terms of size, overall turnover and incidence on Italian GDP, about 10%, represents one of the leading sectors in daily public life.
The first signs of reopening come from the car supply chain after the forced blocking of activities in the factories.
The implementation of measures that come to the aid of the entire supply chain and which prevent epochal consequences in their negative impact on the markets has been requested by Unrae to the Conte government in recent days.
Measures that would benefit the commercial chain, precisely to avoid that, once the production plants in Italy are divided, we are faced with a paradoxical scenario: open dealerships, but without cars that can be sold due to the stoppage at the factories and the non-functioning of the attached supply chain.

At the end of the year, the expenditure for cars in Italy is expected to be 189 billion, about 11% of GDP, up approximately 1.5% on 2021, as reported by the analysis of the Promotor Study Center.
The “big machine” in the automotive sector begins to awaken.
It has already done so in China, where production has been started again, albeit gradually, as well as in Europe where the restart of daily activities takes place gradually.
In this regard, the reopening of some plants decided by big players and related companies should be noted.
Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles is ready to start again, which puts in place a series of functional measures for the operation of the plants, avoiding any coronavirus infections and today foresees the reopening of all FCA plants on Italian territory.
The term “auto” is not only synonymous with the automobile, but also with autonomy and this will certainly push the recovery of this sector and give real concreteness to the will of the users. Companies like Business Plane Logistics are ready to support customers in the restart, and it is precisely for this reason that the team works every day on new solutions to be a trusted support in the needs and emergencies of customers for the restart of their activities. (