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According to data from the National Transplant Center, donation and transplantation activities are currently undergoing a contraction in the areas most affected by the Coronavirus emergency due to the inevitable overload of intensive care units. However, it is still going on throughout Italy, thanks to the constant commitment of the entire national transplant network and to all those companies involved in ensuring the delivery of the organ from point A to point B in a simple, fast and safe way. Despite the coronavirus emergency, the donation and transplantation of organs and tissues must continue. The ongoing epidemic has led to a re-evaluation of the organizational structures of the regional health networks, leading to the suspension of some activities in many hospitals. It is important to remember, however, that the transplant surgical activity is of an urgent nature as it is related to the availability of the donor, a non-programmable and necessary condition, which represents an essential level of life-saving assistance and therapy for many patients. In Italy, the Regions must provide the necessary support so that the donation and transplantation activity is kept, as an emergency activity, in planning and reorganization of services, especially in the Regions most affected by the Covid-19 emergency. In particular, they will have to apply contagion containment measures in order not to block the logistic machine necessary to find and transport the organs necessary for transplants.
The logistics sector is in the foreground and actively works to ensure the smooth running of life-saving actions, which are fundamental for the health and humanitarian system.
We at Business Plane Logistics believe in the importance of not stopping certain activities despite the difficult period. Therefore we are always available 24/7 for urgent transport solutions; managed in a simple, fast and safe way.