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The impact of Covid-19 and the contagion containment measures are slowing down the process of technological and digital innovation much needed by our country.
The industrial world is experiencing a moment of strong transformation and Italy, which is the second largest manufacturer in Europe and whose manufacturing sector has a strong impact on national GDP, cannot afford to lag behind.

The reopening of the manufacturing and textile sector, construction and wholesale trade will be accompanied by the obligation to implement new security measures (staggered shifts for entry and exit, spaced workstations, temperature measurement at the entrance).

Among the 2020 objectives (planned before the health emergency), there was also the implementation of 12 “Lighthouse Plants”, production plants completely based on 4.0 technologies, with the aim of becoming a national and international reference for the feasibility of new companies technological development paths. The four first generation “lighthouses” have started and the goal is to reach 12, starting new open innovation initiatives.

From the 18th of May there will be a further opening of the market, which starts the recovery path for all activities.
The common goal is to create a stronger network, in which each area is able to actively resume its work by following the expected digitalization path.
We at Business Plane Logistics actively support the recovery by remaining available 24/7 to help our customers get from point A to point B in a simple, fast and safe way.
Whatever the need, we are able to find custom-tailored transport solutions.

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