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Tourism is one of the most affected markets by the COVID-19 pandemic and represents the foundation of the EU economy.
Due to the crisis, revenue is expected to drop by 50% for hotels and restaurants, 70% for tour operators and travel agencies and 90% for cruises and airlines.
The consequences of this crisis are worrying, especially for those European countries that depend heavily on tourism such as Spain, Italy, France and Greece.
The European Parliament has approved support measures for the transport sector to minimize the effects of the pandemic on airlines, railway lines and maritime and road transport companies.
According to the World Tourism Organization, 72% of tourist destinations have imposed a total blockade on international tourism.
Tourism businesses are facing serious liquidity problems due to the reduced number of reservations and the high number of refund requests following cancellations.
In particular, airlines are facing an unprecedented crisis.
To protect travelers, the European Union has updated the guidelines on passenger rights and the travel packages directive. It also facilitated the return of tens of thousands of European citizens stranded abroad through the EU civil protection mechanism.
The tourism sector in the European Union
• contributes to 10-11% of the EU’s total GDP
• represents 12% of the workforce in the EU
• has almost 3 million businesses, 90% of which are small and medium-sized businesses

Depending on the duration of the epidemic, businesses in the supply chain could lose between 29 and 64 billion in turnover in 2020-21, with very diversified impacts on a regional level.
Air transport, airport management and the organization of trade fairs and conventions are among the most affected sectors by Covid-19.
In the event of a relatively short return to normality, despite the serious losses of 2020, the catering, air, sea and rail transport markets,
motorways and airport managements, in 2021 could return to 2019 turnover values.
THE QUESTION THAT EVERYONE IS ASKING is: “WHEN WILL WE RETURN TO TRAVEL?” Well, we will definitely go back to travel. With specific restrictions and PPE.
now let’s see how some of the airlines will behave
Alitalia: from June direct flights to New York, Spain and Southern Italy also from Milan
Ryanair aims to restart from July: a thousand flights across Europe
Lufthansa Group: from June on again in flight with 160 planes
Volotea announces the launch of 8 new routes in Italy
We will definitely return to daydreaming and discover the wonders that our planet can offer!
We at BUSINESS PLANE LOGISTICS have made the “journey” not only a passion, but a job!
This is why we are available 24h and 7/7 to help our customers find the fastest solution to their needs and with the restart that we are preparing to face
we will further expand the possibilities of succumbing to requests from all over the world.