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The shutdown imposed by the virus – while blocking the production and consumption that feed the fashion cycle – has also recharged creativity among those who have found a new moment of reflection. It was difficult for big brands to accept having to skip a season or lose millions of revenue. Luxury fashion was one of the first industries to show the effects on the coronavirus trade, firstly with the closure of China, which closed the boutiques and blocked travelers already in January, a serious act given that it’s coming from a region responsible for one third of global luxury. The pandemic appeared in Europe, among other things, while 2020-21 fashion shows were taking place in Milan and in Paris. Several have therefore readily adapted, Giorgio Armani who showed his collection in a theater closed on February 23 – just two days after Italy became the first western country with a coronavirus outbreak. Armani said he believed “immoral” that luxury fashion would adopt the pace of fast fashion in this case, he said he would keep the summer collections in stores until September in protest. The British Fashion Council and the Council of Fashion Designers of America also approved the restoration of “the way we work and showcase our collections”. They encouraged brands to “slow down” and reconsider the amount of goods produced. The Chamber of Italian Fashion promotes three days of online presentation of men’s and women’s collections in July to replace the normal June calendar. Gucci will participate with a collection called “Epilogue”, to represent the end of an era. The President of the Chamber of Fashion Carlo Capasa currently cannot say when live shows and events could return to the agenda – but admits that they are irreplaceable. “I think the digital experience is important, but it should be tied to a physical experience,” Capasa told AP. “Anyone who has been to a fashion show knows the importance of the setting and the emotions.” Tailor-made logistics companies such as BPL are always ready to support the fashion environment even in a difficult moment like this in which it is difficult to travel. Thanks to the large network, they manage to follow the production and sampling of fashion companies all over the world despite the restrictions still present. (