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The post-coronavirus phase is carried out by promoting and coordinating a series of initiatives in the production and exchange system for goods in the Asian countries that make up, especially with Japan, the third country that benefits from the main processes that feed the world economy.
This is of great importance and the country is a strategic partner to focus on, as confirmed by the latest export data.
In addition to the traditional food, fashion and furniture sectors, efforts will focus on sectors such as biotechnology, artificial intelligence, robotics, renewable energies, aerospace and applied medical technologies.
There are currently, for example in Italy, reassurances on the great attention of the institutions towards the promotion of the Italian presence in Japan.
In Asia, currently and with the gradual resumption of activities, it is possible for Italian companies to organize mini fairs in agreed locations, with the “concrete” exhibition of their products to potential customers.
The representative of Bankitalia in Japan, Cicogna, has drawn a picture of the Japanese economy highlighting extensive and articulated governmental maneuvers to support the economy, for a total value of over 900 billion euros.
Thereafter, there will be an additional public expenditure budget increase.
The country will suffer a drop in GDP in the second half and will register a negative sign for the entire current year, but in 2021 it should recover vigorously, especially if the Olympics are held in the summer; the timing of the recovery will also depend on the economic trend in the other countries, of course.
The solidity of the Japanese industrial system and its strong projection in the emerging economies of Asia could stimulate new relationships with Italian companies. The program of initiatives for the relaunch of Italy in Japan was illustrated to Italian companies on the occasion of the Ice Webinar dedicated to the country itself, in which about 1,500 companies were attending.
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