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The aviation industry has been brought to its knees by Covid-19, but it’s not just the airlines that have lost millions of euros during these lockdown months. Airports, for example, have been forced to close in most of the world, this has caused job losses for many airport employees and above all huge losses in turnover. Airports are like an eco-system that lives 24/7 where passengers are only a part of the actors involved; restaurants, shops, hotels and many other actors contribute to the size and success of each individual airport from the smallest to the largest.
Have you ever wondered which countries have the most airports?
The first in the ranking are the United States with around 13,513 airports. In the famous state of California alone there are more than 300. In second place we find Brazil with 4,093 airports. The third and last place on the list is Mexico with 1,714 airports.
The massive presence of airports is a strategic link for many countries that thanks to these infrastructures are able to make the most of and promote their territory by welcoming millions of tourists every year.
Covid-19 has stopped a flat growth industry in the last 10 years, the restart will be long and the new rules will slow down growth but the presence of airports is a warranty for all those countries that live on tourism. Logistics companies such as BPL often use airports to move from point A to point B as quickly as possible, both from public and private airports where private jets are parked ready to leave for each destination. In emergencies, having many airports with several daily flights helps save time and make very fast deliveries. (