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Some changes are so revolutionary that they do not only change the market they touch, but also everything around them.

The smartphone, for example, has changed the way of communicating, but also of using services, of shopping, of interacting not only with people, but with the surrounding world.

Precisely this medium, as well as the internet and every digital device, has over the years revolutionized the experience of retail, retail, which has moved with ever greater decision from physical to virtual places, reaching the supply chain and transport. As a consumer, we only think of the final product, the concrete element we intend to buy.

But have we ever stepped back to think about how the object arrived today? A fast-paced logistics organization transports organs, blood samples and airplane components that exceed the costs of the average family.

In such a complex sector, there are vehicle networks and numerous interested parties who need smart and intelligent processes to optimize the work of operating resources and to fulfill types of work that can be solved quickly with the use of digital means.

Business Plane Logistics has decided to build a transport service based on the use of technology thanks to its new ATLAS software to provide all the updates of the shipment to the customer in real time, from collection to delivery. The transport sector has requested the ability to adapt and shape itself, especially in these years full of changes, and with the advent of the Covid-19 emergency, the BPL team has adapted to the best while continuing to guarantee excellent customer service. An essential feature of BLP work? Be totally smart.

What promotes the advancement of the quality of the services offered and the drive towards continuous improvement is also trust in technology, which is shaping the future of transport and its organization.

We work entirely through social platforms, structured management systems, smartphone and mobile devices applications. From the Sales department to Development and inevitably going through Marketing, our concept of work remains smart, not forgetting the simplicity, speed and security that we offer every day to our customers and future prospects.

The logistics sector is full of professional people who have been managing it for years and are all looking for a new way of operating. Knowing how to optimize processes is a fundamental requirement. Without technology, transportation will continue to be a painful process to tackle and those who do not innovate will lag behind.

We at BPL are available 24/7 with a global courier network ready to leave at any time to deal with a logistics emergency of any kind. For us, the customer’s emergency automatically becomes our urgency to be managed simply, quickly and safely. (