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Positioning itself at 1800 billion dollars, for a 10% growth, the technology brands – during the pandemic – remained second only to retail. While in an avid head to head for the podium step, Microsoft surpasses Google.
In fact, the global pandemic represented a crucial moment for many sectors: thus, by combining their Brand Value, consumer technology and B2B brands this year came to represent over a third (37%) of the total Brand Value
Isolation was a strong reminder that technology is indispensable for our lives, and digital connections and devices are increasingly relevant in our lives, we now use them to buy food and other basic necessities, make meetings and communicate with family and friends.
Technological brands have proven extremely resilient, especially compared to those of most other categories, with revenues and profits in general improving.
innovation and creativity are the key drivers of growth in all categories. The technology brands have adopted a strategy that has seen them reposition themselves from simple “devices” to services that pursue both business-to-business (B2B) opportunities and opportunities for consumers.
Sustainability is the new luxury: younger consumers expect the typical quality of luxury, but with sustainable materials.
Just like for the product to be purchased, today the customer expects to receive efficiency or a service that leaves the customer a good experience during the entire duration of the work and even after, when more and more often it becomes a pleasure to be remembered or simply be kept in touch through sharing and direct messages. Logistics has always played a central role in every process as it allows businesses to quickly move produced objects anywhere in the world.
BPL is present and active 24/7 to support the development of commerce in every sector and it does so by offering customized rapid transport solutions all over the world. With BPL a box arrives from point A to point B in the shortest possible time, because the customer’s emergency and our urgency.
Photo by Edward Jenner from Pexels