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The eCommerce, which accelerates the growth of online purchases of products and services, will reach 22.7 billion in 2020 (+ 26%) or 4.7 billion euros more than in 2019. The eCommerce, despite continuing to represent a small part of the overall purchases is increasingly relevant in Italy.
During the emergency lockdown Covid-19 it represented the main, if not the only, engine for generating consumption. On the consumer side, there was a growth in online shoppers (+2 million in 2020). The greater familiarity in the purchase and trust in online and digital payments, even by those who already purchased online, are generating a positive effect in the development of eCommerce. On the supply side, once the crisis is over, investments in technology and the optimization of processes to better manage not only that extraordinary demand will remain, but also a future in which digital will be increasingly fundamental.
Compared to before, a definitive awareness has arisen on the need to develop an eCommerce channel fully integrated with physical experience, which for its part becomes an increasingly important feature of brand expression and community creation through a customer experience that leads the customer to feel as the actor of the shop visit.
An epochal change that will require profound reviews of processes and organization, investments, listening skills of customers and a lot of creativity.
Consumption patterns are changing and the path to omnichannel is accelerating today more than ever.
Technology, platform management of the offer and capillarization of the logistics network are the mix to make the functional eCommerce model successful today. Thanks to digital, in fact, the shops in a territory can organize themselves in a local micro-marketplace, collecting the offer of merchants in a single platform not only to meet the demand of the local catchment area, but also to encourage an expansion of own borders, up to the export of the products.
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