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The global aviation sector has always been vulnerable to an almost endless list of external challenges. Geopolitical disputes, extreme weather conditions and trade tensions are part of the airline world. However, this current one, COVID19, is the most serious in the history of the concept of flight itself. If there is any certainty it is that while the recovery of aviation will be slow, turbulent and erratic for the entire global sector as a whole, governments have the ability to determine how quickly the recovery of the sector can resume if they outline and implement a “new normal” situation for air travel focused on health protection measures to reduce the risk of COVID19.
The current goal should be clear: to ensure that COVID19 and air travel can coexist, as safely as possible, in a world that relies on flying for more than using it as transportation to a vacation destination. Air transport is an important enabler for economic growth and development. It facilitates integration into the global economy and provides vital connectivity on an international scale. It helps generate trade, tourism and create job opportunities. But moving forward in a world burdened with COVID19, and until (or even if) there is a vaccine, each country must adapt its industry with measures to ensure that flight does not face additional headwinds, restrictions, blockages or bans and help create a level of consistency required for international air travel’s renewed focus on hygiene. Business plane logistics operates 24/7 to support all companies. In case of emergency, Bpl is the ad hoc solution to transport anything urgent from point A to point B. (