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In 2021, the Space Perspective Neptune could start which will bring people up for 120 thousand dollars, in competition with Virgin Galactic.
An interesting news every day. We are talking about the space, at least that between the ground and 500 kilometers of height. A new space tourism initiative looks particularly interesting. So far, space tourism has been the prerogative of Virgin Galactic, which for years has been selling tickets for $ 250,000 for a trip that will take place, but has not yet been done, soon. It is about going to the limits of the atmosphere, over 80 kilometers, and then coming down in a dive, basically a half-hour of weightlessness experience.
The market is evidently there if Virgin has apparently sold thousands of tickets, at this point on trust, and if they must also be said to the new company, Space Perspective, born ad hoc but with a solid basis of previous experience in the field of sounding balloons. . Here no supersonic aircraft, but a very calm balloon to which a vehicle is attached, a kind of large, updated airship cabin, with all the comforts of modern life. If we want to talk about comfort, Neptune – this is the name chosen for the vehicle – beats everyone: ergonomic seats, but also bars, toilets and large windows available to eight passengers and also the driver of course. To get to the maximum achievable altitude, Neptune, dragged by his balloon full of hydrogen lighter than air, will take a couple of hours. Then he will stay two hours at high altitude, showing the passengers the Earth as a whole, at that height the atmosphere is particularly thin and a good spatial vision of the Earth as a planet is already possible. Then two hours of descent and landing in the ocean, where it will be taken by a specialized ship.
It will depart from the old NASA base of the Shuttle, in Florida, and, depending on the season, it will go east in winter and towards the Gulf of Mexico in summer. The price, for the whole trip, will go, it seems to be around 120,000 dollars, a little less than half of Virgin which however reaches 80 kilometers, not 30, and also promises weightlessness, but not always well tolerated by passengers with problems to the stomach, while Neptune’s slowness will allow even the debilitated or very old people to realize the dream of seeing the Earth a bit like astronauts.
But the news does not stop at these initiatives that also make color, there is the preparation of a new class of private pilots-astronauts, on which Virgin is already orienting itself perhaps together with Space X, and the many initiatives of NASA to give space for private individuals in the field of low orbit, which is already filling up with small satellites such as those for transmissions of the Net from the space of the SpaceX Starlink project: Elon Musk wants to put up to 15,000 into orbit. NASA wants to allow the development of a real space economy, allowing individuals to have their own astronauts, request, and obtain, periods of motivated stay in the International Space Station, ISS, for research or other. Seven programs so far chosen to be carried out in the ISS, among which LambdaVision stands out, which wants to produce protein-based retinas in space, to be used on Earth for delicate ophthalmological operations.
Market, economy, private individuals, agencies: space is no longer what it once was, but it certainly doesn’t lose its charm.
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