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BPL Atlas is a software developed internally by the Business Plane Logistics team. Its task is to rationalize the complexity of the tasks and operational processes, in order to speed up and improve the service offered to the customer. Being developed in-house, this software is conceived, designed and optimized on the operational needs of the BPL team, offering the resolution of multiple critical issues in different aspects of the business activity, unmatched by the solutions currently available on the market. BPL Atlas is also developed and improved following direct discussions with its stakeholders, as their feedback is extremely important.
Not only that, with this tool it is possible to manage the applications of future obc who will become part of the BPL Club, it is also possible to track the position of your box at any time thus allowing the end customer to experience the whole process of transporting the goods more serenely possible.
Many features are still in the works, but the Atlas project is really vast and will give Business Plane Logistics the opportunity to be smarter as the market demands.
By creating this customized management system over time, according to the needs of the company and its partners and collaborators, BPL is keen to reduce both communication and execution times. The BPL team works every day to improve the tool and each component constantly tests its area of ​​expertise, in order to make the product and service as efficient as possible. The purpose of Business Plane Logistics is to offer the best service to its customers: BPL Atlas is just one of the many investments in which the company has recently committed and will be committed to in the near future, in order to improve both its production processes, both the experience and ease of use of its services by its customers.
Getting in touch with BPL means guaranteeing a personalized and smart service. The team, which is almost entirely under 30, uses all the main digital communication channels, supported by the management software described above to guarantee a quality service. To guarantee constant support to our customers, we are available 24/7 with a worldwide network of couriers available to transport your box in a simple, fast and safe way.
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