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Fashion, with its 118 thousand employees and an annual turnover of 8 billion euros, is a strategic sector for Made in Italy.
It was one of the sectors most affected by the consequences of Covid, but let’s take stock of updated market data and estimates for fashion 2020.
In July, apparel sales in Italy fell by 27.9% compared to a year earlier.
The sector is the most penalized among the non-food sectors, as reported by Istat data.
The second most affected sector is that of footwear and leather and travel items, which recorded a -17.3% in value.
According to Confcommercio, the data for July, while representing a worrying signal, must be read in the light of some specificities of the month in question.
In particular, the postponement of the traditional summer sales to August may have prompted families to move most of their purchases to the following month, not only for clothing and footwear.
At the same time, the slowdown and sometimes the blockage of the supply chains have undoubtedly created difficulties in the Retail sector and consequently in the results of sales in the clothing and fashion accessories sector.
To date, being active and responsive to every situation and change is the central choice for obtaining results despite the year of general difficulty.
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Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels