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Do you know the trends driving air transport innovation? Currently, the main goal is to make the system more sustainable and safer. The future has already begun. Let’s take a look at 3 points that are changing the way we fly.
       1. Planes will be emission-free. 
In recent years, studies for the creation of electric or hybrid motors have increased.
Probably, the first models of aircraft with hybrid motors will be marketed between 2030 and 2035, initially for flights on a National scale. Meanwhile, many companies are in the process of creating an electric plane powered by eco-sustainable sources, to eliminate emissions altogether. Some airlines are also studying how to use hydrogen as a fuel. Hydrogen is an ideal fuel from the environmental and climate point of view because it is pollution-free and abundantly available. Still, there are several challenges associated with using hydrogen as an energy source. First, it does not appear in nature in an easily utilizable format. Second, storing and transporting hydrogen can be dangerous, as the substance is explosive. If these technological challenges can be resolved, it could revolutionize the future of transport by being used as fuel.
      2. Gate agents will scan your face, not your boarding pass.
Touchscreen totems in airports can turn into real disease outbreaks. In the world post-Covid-19, touch-free technology is having increase importance. It uses facial verification to identify the person and find reservations. By scanning the iris and facial recognition you can eliminate the use of paper passports and therefore an exchange of germs. Boarding through facial verification is already a reality for some airline companies. It is also being tested at airports in Canada, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Singapore and Spain. This seems to be an increasing trend.
      3. Flight delays will be easier to predict.
Some companies are building an app to predict flight delays. It consists of statistical models that simulate flight conditions. This technology will consider both the density of planes in your airspace and how the Federal Aviation Administration has previously made decisions in similar weather forecasts. The app will show you alternative routes if you need to rebook. 
The field of air transport is constantly evolving. We will continue to keep you updated on innovations in this area. Meanwhile, let us know what you think about the future of air transport. Join the conversation!