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If you too are part of that category of entrepreneurs who, periodically, must request their own compensation, this our new article is for you.
Not to pay on time is unfortunately a fairly common bad habit, especially in certain areas of the world. But, particularly in our world of logistics, punctuality of payments has a fundamental role. Especially for us at BPL, as we have made time our strength, since we specialize in time critical shipment.
We’re sure a late payment happened to you too, but how do you avoid it as much as possible?
We always try to:
➡️ Pay on time, always giving the good example. The important thing is to be the first to act in the right way;
➡️ Kindly remind our customers of the deadline;
➡️ Have clear and precise payment terms;
➡️ Send the invoice as soon as possible;
➡️ Communicate with the client, which is the key to a solid and long lasting relationship.
All of this is not always enough, but we try to manage the relationship with the clients in the best way, because for us a clear relationship is essential and based on mutual trust.
Let us know how you usually handle late payments, leave a comment!