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Think about the last month of the year where all companies and people need to deliver boxes on time around the world. What can happen if a big factory will stop production for many hours or if a plane will stay on the ground broken for many hours? How much is value of time of production for this companies? 
The flights are only a few during the day and there are many restriction due Covid 19 pandemic so BPL 24/7 team can help you with the fastest option to deliver the boxes on time or by obc or by charter thanks to our great network with 500+ professionals couriers with double passports or special visas. Thanks to our direct contacts for the charters we are always ready to depart from A to B in the fastest time possible.
When you have an urgent shipment don’t hesitate to contact us by email at or by phone +39 3477018226. We can give you a quote in 15 min and we will update you step by step thanks to our BPL ATLAS TRACKING.