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A plane landed in Antarctica for the first time!

I don’t know if you’ve heard this news before, but for the first time in History a plane Airbus A340 landed in Antarctica. The trip was made possible by Hi Fly, a Portuguese charter company. The Airbus took off from Cape Town and was led by Captain Carlos Mirpuri, the company’s vice president. Both back and forth flights took between five and five hours and a half and the team spent less than three hours ashore in Antarctica. Until this date, there is no airport in the White Continent, but there are several runways. It landed on a completely ice-covered runway!

This company could pave the way for a new form of tourism that has never been done before… and why not? Even new business opportunities and new handcarry missions!

Penguins, Polar Bears, lots of ice, cold and Business Plane Network’s OBCs… because we are available in any place at any time! 

Obviously for the moment it all seems like a joke, but we always monitor the news to arrive first!