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Are you ready for a sky full of drones?

Today it is very easy to buy a professional drone for taking photos and recording breathtaking video. The regulations and restrictions about the amateur flights are becoming stricter and clearer little by little. 
So we are taking familiarity with this new amazing mean that can be used for several aims in different sectors. Drones have been used for military purposes at first because they represent an easy solution for exploring a remote area and transporting medical supplies or food.
Exploring and searching have been the main usage of drone in the past and they still take off looking for missing people after a catastrophe such as an earthquake or hurricane.
In the next few years we will probably see a sky full of drones delivering any kind of packages. Delivery drone is a concrete and real service already active for specific shipments.
For example Wing (by Google), is a startup that flies in Australia, U.S. and Finland to deliver drugs and other products from local stores. 
DHL Express and Ehang entered into a strategic partnership in China to realize a major innovation in smart logistics: a solution that includes fully autonomous loading and offloading. The companies plan to further develop and upgrade smart drone delivery solutions for last mile delivery.
We just mentioned a couple of examples but there are many companies investing in drone technology and Covid-19 has increased the research and development. Delivering by drone is faster, cheaper and more ecological but bad weather conditions can represent a problem nowadays. 
However, the main obstacle is represented by the safety and the regulamentation of the air space. Drone startups are collaborating with outside partners and federal organizations to build and test their drones. They will certainly create guidelines that will successfully regulate this new sector for logistics companies.
Are you ready to see a sky full of drones?