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BPG Casino Party Allianz Arena

BPG Casino Party - Time Critical Edition: networking and fun at Allianz Arena in Munich.

On May 10th, the Business Plane Group organized an unforgettable event at Allianz Arena in Munich. The special occasion was the “BPG Casino Party – Time Critical Edition,” an exclusive event dedicated to entrepreneurs in the logistics industry, who had the opportunity to spend a unique evening networking in a lounge with a breathtaking view of the football field.

The atmosphere of the event was electrifying, as a talented DJ entertained the guests with an engaging selection of music. The presence of a rich buffet and an open bar made the experience a true success.

But the true highlight of the evening was the Casino games. Two professional croupiers entertained the guests, playing together with them blackjack and roulette. The Casino atmosphere created a fun environment, with guests amiably competing and trying their luck. At the end of the evening, the winner of the Casino games was rewarded with a package full of Italian food, a gift that was highly appreciated.

During the event Arte Popusoi, President of Business Plane Group, had a speech to thank the guests for their presence and to share the company’s vision and values. It was a moment of inspiration and sharing. To conclude this unforgettable evening on a sweet note, a delicious chocolate cake was specially prepared and enjoyed by all.

The “BPG Casino Party – Time Critical Edition” event at Allianz Arena in Munich was a success in every aspect. It provided participants with a unique opportunity for networking, fun, and sharing. The engaging atmosphere, the amazing view of the football pitch, and the organized activities contributed to creating a memorable experience.